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Can a student get a credit card | Credit Card

Hi! as you asked Can a student get a credit card? As you are a student there is no way to get a credit card without any RD or FD.

As for a credit card you should have an FD or Salary account from an MNC or a good credit score. You can build your credit score even if you are a student to make sure it gets approved the first time you apply. In order to build credit I would suggest you find someone you can trust & if they are planning to purchase a vehicle or any electronic items ask them to use your documents By which you can build your credit.

On a personal note, If you are a student I would say don’t go for a credit card as it will ruin your financial freedom try to complete your studies & get a job then apply for credit.

A lot of banks provide a student credit card but for that, you have to go through all the documents and paperwork. You can get a slice card for free and very easily.
All you need to do is upload your documents and get approval in less than a day. once you get approved you have to book the slice card which you can get in a few days, until then you can still use the virtual card for online shopping.

Get no-cost EMI, Transfer credit to the bank, and more.

I would consider the Discover It Student Card. Capital One has some decent options. Don’t make more than one to two purchases each month, and pay the card off in full, on time each month. If you follow these rules, you’ll be building strong credit very early in your adult life.

What key things should one look for when choosing a student credit card for the first time?

  1. The easy answer is to stop looking. But, since you asked, I would suggest that you first look at your personal situation and answer some questions,
  2. Do you need a credit card? No one really does. Or, do you want a credit card? There is a big difference. By the way, there is no such thing as a student credit card.
  3. What are you going to use it for?
  4. Do you have the ability to repay? Will you have a steady source of income? The banks have a tendency to want their money back as agreed.
  5. If you are comfortable with your answers, then go forth and apply. If not, then wait until you are.

There are many loans credit card alike company which provide credit card the option

  1. Kreditbee
  2. lazy pay
  3. Simple
  4. Slice
  5. Postpe

There are pay later options in many providers

  1. Flipkart Pay later
  2. Amazon pay later
  3. Paytm pay later

Fd system

  1. I will prefer you to have one card.
  2. Kotak credit card
  3. axis credit card
  4. Any bank you have

Things to know before having a credit card or any pay later option?

First of all, why do you want a credit card?

You are a student taking money from your parents it will really help you. Because if a particular amount is given to you every day you will spend it wisely. On the contrary, if a credit card is given. You will forget the restrictions in the heat of the moment and spend it on unnecessary things.
Just one answer doesn’t have a credit card at your age.

How are you gonna pay for it?

If you think about paying it with pocket money then why do you want that credit you already have for your parents to provide you with money? Just be aware of that tactics credit card has a lot of hidden charges which will make you paying more than you get from your parents

Hidden charges behind the credit card

If you think credit cards give you money only then you are thinking wrong. they have many hidden charges behind every transaction. Charges like

  1. Charges on transactions.
  2. Charges on EMI
  3. Charges on transferring money from credit card to wallet and bank transfer.


Credit card companies want to make sure that the money they [lend]] will come back to them. If you have a guardian and if s/he supports you then it is possible. you should be able to show some regular inflow of money as income then the possibility is there. If you are rich mans grand son /daughter and already receiving pocket money of 20 k to 50 k and above and not as from somebodies salary but you are entitled then Banks will take the chance. Banks want the money back. Period. and they need the assurance. They also do not like unpleasant situations. So, just be aware of the credit card restrictions so the bank always provides a credit card on the basis of FD and salaried person rather than student and unemployed person. so read all the restriction and limitation

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