One of us is next by Karen M McManus

One of us is next by Karen M McManus is the sequel to one of us lies. If you read my review on one of us is lying you may remember me saying that the sequel is better. So here’s an article on the sequel. We have 3 main characters here, not four. It’s a murder mystery based on a truth and dare game. Either you take the dare or one of your secret truths will be revealed. That’s basically how the game works and a student dies trying to complete the dare but it turns out to be staged murder.


Thoughts on the book

I thought it was very well written and the backstory of each main character is very touching. The guy that dies is basically a dick so it’s nothing emotional. The murderer is such a huge surprise and so unexpected. That’s what I like about the sequel cause the ending to one of us is lying was kind of lame and they could have done so much better than they did on the sequel. Never in a million years would anyone be able to guess who the murderer could be.

About the book

The book takes place in the same high school but now it’s about the new batch of students. The Bayview four from one of us is lying are all in college or working and stuff. They’re no longer in high school. But after the incident with Simon Kelleher, the school has banned mobile phones and gossip websites for good. The three main characters are Maeve Rojas ( Bronwyn’s sister). Maeve was a sick child and she still is a sick person, Phoebe Lawton( popular girl with her reputation). Phoebe lost her dad in an accident and she misses him. She has a little brother Owen and an older sister ( not so old just a year older than Phoebe) Emma. Emma is a lot mature for her age and she and Phoebe have not been close ever since their dad died. Emma is smart. And the final main character is Knox Myers ( Maeve’s best friend whom she once dated). So basically the truth and dare game starts with Phoebe and she ignores it so her dirty secret is revealed. The secret is that she slept with her sister’s boyfriend. This makes things worse between Phoebe and Emma. Phoebe also has a hard time at school. Because of what happened to Phoebe, everyone takes the dare. Maeve, Knox, and Phoebe don’t really care for the game so on Maeve’s turn she ignores the question and her secret is revealed. It’s something about Knox not being able to make love to her which is why they broke up. It ruins their friendship. Now the next dare kills the kid. Brandon, a kid who is a jock and kind of a fool, dies from an accident at a construction site. After some investigation, it turns out to be a murder and towards the end, we find out that Brandon was the reason Phoebe’s dad died. So she is now the prime suspect in this murder


In the end, we find out that it was Emma who started the truth and dare website with one of the bad guys who wanted to kill Eli (a lawyer who is Addy’s sister’s fiance). Emma and the bad guy made a deal that if he helps her destroy Brandon ( because she found out the truth about her dad) she would help him with Eli. But as it turns out Emma forfeited as soon as she saw what happened to her sister Phoebe because of the game she ruined her sister’s life. So Emma backed out but little did we know that Owen ( the brother) talked to the bad guy acting like Emma. The bad guy set up the murder of kid Brandon and after that Owen completely ghosted him out. So he didn’t get to destroy Eli without Emma’s help. He tried to plant a bomb on Eli’s wedding himself but Maeve and Knox saved the day.

Conclusion One of us is next by Karen M McManus

Even reading this article gives me goosebumps. The book is so well written. I would highly advise everyone to read it. I only skimmed through the book on this review. All the little details in the book are what make it better than the original. So if you want to experience a thriller murder, I would definitely recommend this book. I can’t wait for the third one to be published so I can finally read it. I want to know what happens to Emma. Does she rat out Owen? Will she be prosecuted? All these we will find out in the third book. Probably another murder.

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