Is it worth studying abroad for Indian students

If you want to go abroad to study but you are not sure about it then this article might help you we are giving you 7 reasons why is it worth studying abroad for Indian students.Here are some good points you have to consider

is it worth studying abroad for Indian students
  • At some point in time, many people get confused to apply for studying abroad.
  • Many people are not able to make a decision because it is expensive.
  • There are a lot of visa processes, there is an application process.
  • It is very different from most Indian admission processes or the way Indian education institutions handle it. so we get very scared about whether we should even do it or not
  • What if we settle there?
  • Will it be good or bad if we settle there?
  • We will be away from our parents our country blah blah blah.

Is it worth studying abroad for Indian students

All these are valid reasons to be scared off because every student of India to read outside India is a dream because but due to the different traditional and regional differences we get afraid to stay there. For some students, it may be the first time to stay outside of the country to so it’s a valid reason to ask yourself is it worth it or not?

Here we are giving you 7 reasons why you should consider studying abroad?

1. Employability

Employability is fundamental for international education. If you study anywhere abroad, then they are more often than not training you to be employable from day one.

Whether it is your experience in the classroom or real-life practical experience, there are many courses that you can’t even pass until you have practical experiences of internship or project or mini assignment with companies in real life.

Until you have that you are not even going to graduate So, so there are enough and more mechanisms to ensure whatever you are learning, that is something that is going to help you directly when you graduate

This is why the graduation rate to employment rate in most international universities is really really good. The surprising thing is that most international universities are not like India where there’s a placement office, a lot of companies are invited, and students then give them an interview.

Students have to do everything by themselves they have to approach the company themselves, they have to set their interviews themselves, they have to do their networking themselves they have to look for the job opportunities themselves and despite all these things.

the graduation to employment ratio is one of the highest globally when you look at any top university and that then gives you the confidence that when we study in those universities, you will build your life through any degree from there, then you will be training yourself to become employable in on a handsome salary from day one.

2. International exposure

International exposure was defining thing when you go going for the first time abroad you will expect native people to be there but what you see in a class is the entire world. You will find Americans, Koreans, Indians, Europeans, people from Africa, and people from South Africa.

There was literally every continent map on it even the professor will from different countries with different experiences and when you deal with such diverse cultures it makes you far more enriched within.

You realize how people’s perspectives change. when you first landed in abroad your mind open up when you saw the opportunities in that country and you will realize something about abroad which we have spoken about actively,

Abroad country gives you everything in access. you need money, you will get that in access. If you want entertainment, you will get in access. If you want to study you will get in access. Clothes and food in access.

Everything is in excess there. And what it tries to do then it tries to find out those who don’t get addicted to it. 8 go beyond these opportunities to create your own life so many people say that abroad is a land of opportunities what that really means is, It doesn’t really matter which country do you belong to and what is your color?

What do you look like? How do you speak? What do you wear? What do you eat? iI you are smart and you are willing to work hard then the country will offer as much an opportunity to you as to anybody else. And that is something that hits you really hard, and that international exposure will hold you true for the rest of your life.

Because you have worked with many peoples like American German, and a lot of Asian countries people so, you will be able to be smart about all that experience because you will be trained at 22-24 in an environment where you were exposed to the entire world every single day.

3. Diverse course and specialization

The special thing about international education is that its curriculum is designed for you to mix and match. It is introduced in India as well but it will still take time to reach that point.

But right now, for example, if you go to the US, you can take any major subject like engineering but behind that, you can take economic courses like a business or statistics, psychology courses, music courses, So there is enough and more diversification in the choice that is given to students in picking what they want to do because of this you don’t learn just one thing and don’t spend your life sticking to one thing only.

You actually diversify yourself, you go and select courses that give you joy, that makes you employable, that give you strong network and connection in through, that you become a part rounded personality as against if you would just become an engineer,a lawyer, an astrophysicist for any other degree that you have achieved.

That sets you to appreciate so many other things. It’s often said that you will grow in life only when you spend time with people who are not at all like you and that is what happened in international study.

When you sit in university that allows you to handpick whatever is it that you want to do, just think about it you meet different kinds of people by sitting in economics classes, you will meet different kinds of people in music classes, you will meet different kinds of people in philosophic or engineering class that is only going to increase and widen your scope of what you know about your life.

4. World-class faculty and peer group

More or less, this is a given. Depending on where you are going, you will be exposed to the best faculty out there. And here is the reason why it is mostly the best faculty. In international universities, every professor gets to mandate one is teaching and another is doing research.

gsoe world class faculty

If they don’t do research or they don’t teach, they don’t complete their tenure or their employment.

This means whoever would be teaching you would also be doing research regularly whatever specialization that they are in expert in, they would be publishing a paper on it regularly, they will be meeting many more experts globally, that is only going to make them smarter, richer and more experience in what they are doing, which is only going to in turn help you.

The peer group as I said if the best student from various countries is sitting in your class, then just imagine how open-minded would you become. If you are not the smartest person in your class, it is going to elevate you to a completely new level of smartness, because you would feel that competition every day.

Yes, you would be hard on yourself that you are not smart enough, you are not able to do this or that, but at the end of the day, you will be reminded that this class is so powerful intellectually, that you will have to work hard to come to the same level, and that is going to push you hard, that is going to make you challenge yourself far more than anything else.

so this mix of faculty and peer group is so potent, so powerful, that when you find yourself in that environment, you just completely change the game for yourself.

5. The pathway to permanent residency

This could be a personal choice if you go abroad to study whether in us or UK or Australia or Canada or any country. You do not get a good way for you to get a permanent residency. In fact, if you want to go to any country then a far better way for you to enter abroad country is as a student as than a working professional.

It is very difficult to get a work visa but what if you go there as a student, it will be a fast and easy way to enter the abroad country.

As soon as you complete your education, then you get a time period mostly for your time to find a job like if you go to the US for a master’s program, then after that 2-year master program.

You get an additional year which is called OPT “optional practical training” which you can use to work in a company or find a job but without a working visa. And then in that one year, you get an opportunity to apply for a work visa and get it

These are available in almost every country out there through which you can at least get a work visa. And then eventually if you want, you can take a permanent residency to stay.

A lot of people who are coming back from international countries who spend 2-3-4-5-6 years of their life abroad can gather good money, gather a lot of experience, learn a lot and then come back to India.

Then your financial stability will be very good, your parents and family will be very happy and you would be able to contribute as much as you want to your country and it’s the best everything that is possible.

Strongly recommend you to use international education as a Segway to find work in an international country or in an international environment and then consider whether you want to live there forever or you want to come back empty with adaptability and confidence.

6. Empathy, adaptability, and confidence

When you see so many things, you study with the best faculty you study with the best students, you study in the best infrastructure, you get so many facilities, then it automatically makes you, number 1, empathetic towards the need of others, You realize that when people behave differently than how to treat them.

It makes you adaptable because you do not have all the facilities abroad because in your house your father will provide everything for you but abroad no one will be there to fulfill your needs.

Every middle-class family has the same environment because they never had money as a student so, they had to do everything with good thoughts themselves. It will make you adaptable that this is not so important, that is important I should spend money on this and not that, so on and so forth.

So this type of experience will give you confidence because confidence is the most important thing once you know that you can navigate through this. To get the confidence of presenting yourself.

You will see most international students are far better spoken than other regular students. Why?

It is not like they already knew fluent English, but when you are thrown into that environment, it is equivalent to something like somebody has pushed you into the sea, and you do not know how to swim, but you will have to swim to save your life. And that is what you do.

You go about learning how you are going to navigate that, and then all those things set you up for life in a way that can never be replicated by another experience.

7. Self-discovery

You get to know so much about that no other experience can tell you. You might be staying away from home for the first time. You are staying at your own expense.

You might be earning for the first time in your life. Almost every student who goes abroad from India ends up working. And they don’t end up working like in a glamorous job.

Some work at McDonald’s, some work at the college library, and some of them take tuition, there are ways to just survive, but all these things teach you so much because they help you manage your finances, your own emotion, your entire life.

You have to wash your own clothes. You will get the idea of how to save money? How to use the money in a proper way?

So these are the things you should be considered before entering abroad because abroad is different from the aspect you have seen here. Studying abroad for Indian students may be costlier due to the high currency exchange rate. So proper decisions will be taken before reading abroad.

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