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How to improve memory power for students

To know how to improve memory power for students. Many students tell that they are facing the problem of not reminding the content they’ve read already. Do not worry it’s not the problem you only facing just like you many students are facing a similar problem as you. We are trying to give you the best results for improving memory power for students??

We have researched many articles and videos of talented and motivational people. You are confused about which should be considered because every people have their own theory to improve memory power. Even the doctor will tell you to eat healthily and do some exercise.

To understand better how your body and brain work, what is the nature of your brain how it reacts and how it should be trained we have collected some best news you can do in your regular life.

Nature of the brain and body

Memory is a mental faculty it can be trained just like your muscles can be trained. You must keep your muscle mass as you enter the 40s and 50s. It’s critical if you wish to live and be functional till the ’80s and 90s to retain the muscle mass, How do you do it by exercise so same with the brain those who stop exercising the brain have retired and they say okay now there’s no need for mental exercise.

Slowly, they become subject to dementia Like the muscles atrophy, the brain also starts atrophying and you don’t find professors having dementia. The repeated mental exercise keeps the brain alert so that is the nature of the body and the brain.

How to improve memory power for students

We are giving you 3 tips to increase your memory and brain power, especially for the student who are facing problems while reading and while planning something for their future. We will not give you random information to use a medicine to improve your thinking power or learn something. Let’s start with the first tips:-

1. Solve more

Okay solving more what is the difference between repeating and repetition, repeating is the way to do things again and again without knowing their result but the repetition works until you remind it. If you keep on solving maths problems that portion of the brain responsible for maths will start getting packed with gray matter and you will become better and better at it.

Solving only one thing can help you to work on it better. So, try to focus on one thing not on many things if your mind will be distracted then the mind will not focus on the same thing back again.

solve complex problems

Try to solve problems

For example, if you try to use your mobile for gaming, listening to music, or for YouTube videos at the same time then what will happen the mobile will get heated and it will face some lagging means the processor tries to work on many things but can’t get it

So, the same things happen in our brain when you try to focus on different things then your brain will get heat and it will work slowly you will feel tired so, try to focus on one thing and make it better.

2. Exercise more

Do you know in the ’50s and 60s of 19 era there were no such things as supercomputers people try to remind by their brains? Today we kept our brains in the supercomputer and left them to think for us. For one lyric also have to search for YouTube and Spotify. So, what’s the problem here the problem is about not exercising our brain.

If you do not push yourself to remind those things you can’t learn those things, so if you push your mind for thinking about lyrics and about that portion then you will get it easily.

How to improve memory power for students

Train your mind

The first step is hard, the second step is a little bit hard, 3rd step will be easier than the second one and the last try will be the best and easy one. So, try to exercise your brain frequently. If you can’t think about that problem then make that problem of your own problem.

Just like in your game if you can’t complete it then you will repeat it In your life if you can’t solve that problem then repeat that problem until you get some result.

Okay I have some examples for you once a Buddha gave a task to his most talented student to cut a massive and big tree in 3 hours and for that, he can prepare it for one week on the last day I will come and check will you cut it in 3 hours or not. The student think about it how to cut it in 3 hours because it was such a big and massive and impossible to cut the tree in 3 hours.

He thought of one idea but it was too risky and unprepared so the next day he start sharpening his axe to cut the tree, every day he sharpens his axe and sleeps, Buddha got shocked by seeing his activity because he is doing nothing and trying to cut the tree little bit too. On the examination day came he bring his sharpened axe and finished cutting the tree in 2 hours, Buddha gets shocked at asked how he cut the tree in 2 hours which is such a massive and biggest tree then he silently replied that “I didn’t focus on the tree I was focused how it should be cut so I exercised on sharpening the axe then cutting the tree”.

So always exercise more on the things which are important not on the things which are not important.

3. Focus more

Here we are adding the focus because focusing on the one thing is important in life. There are many ways to focus what to focusing on your goal is the main thing easiest and hardest part to improve your memory is to focus you’ve seen yourself when you want to do anything you get diverted buy the example of a small thing like notification on a mobile phone,

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Focus sometimes works on interest whenever you have a high interest on something your focuses get stronger so no one can divert you if you do not have a interest then you will get easily diverted so there are many ways to focus on thing which you don’t have interest.

  • Eating healthy food
  • Turning off the things that divert you
  • Listening to classical music or no music is best for focusing
  • Timing everything
  • Making out schedule
  • Rewarding yourself
  • Noting down everything you have suffered in a day
  • Ming priority things
  • Cleaning your desk while reading
  • Keeping your surroundings clean
  • FOCUS:-Follow One Course Until Sucess

The tips are only for the motivation they are useless unless you put your soul into them. Improvement come from inner you so push your boundary limits, reward yourself and see the high sky and perfect goal for yourself so you can get a proper reason to improve your memory.

Best of luck with your first step on how to improve yourself.

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