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How to use notion for students?

The notion is a life-changing app. I love this app, it will help you to organize your daily life studies. You would go as far as to say that it is the ultimate productivity tool one can use. Many students are confused about how to use notion for students? but The way It will be used in your life we are sure that very few students will realize how useful it is. The amount of information it has stored on NOTION is immense and it is basically the ultimate resource.

The notion is a library where you note your all notes and schedule a student as well as a working person friendly, to use it you just need a desktop mobile or laptop. If you want to save your time and effort while wasting for searching the perfect notes it is the best app to use.

Here are some main things about notion and why you should download the notion app as a student.

How to use notion for students?

A. Notion as Activity TrackerHow to use notion for students?

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Study calendar and study table

So basically whatever tasks You want to perform schedule it using notion, you can also use another column as resources in the study table picture, so that you can know from what source you have studied the topic. You can hide it on purpose cause many of those resources you have obtained via telegram and haven’t subscribed to them officially. There is a calendar where you can keep track of dates and also a separate timetable page where you schedule your daily activities.

main qimg 8c3cceff7f58070736184c83ecf573a2

BNotion and Instagram/Other Social Media

main qimg 81fffc54d0e54b25749ec297f7fc0f60
main qimg e99d8e4099e5790bc78d58adbc3f37be

As you can read in the picture, named this section mother box. Instagram is a very rich source of information and whenever you find videos of anything related to the medical field, any conditions, or labs you can download and save them here on a notion. You can ask “ Why just not save it on Instagram using the save icon?” The answer is that it will not be searchable quickly when you need to view it. In notion, you can search for whatever resources you have and can access them easily. If you started this recently and hope by the time while reaching the final year you will be able to create a rich source of information. Usually, watch and save these videos while traveling. In the image, there is a video of the Raynauds Phenomenon along with the caption of the video.

C. Notion as cloud storage

main qimg 4c4574f7c590fcc68e3e3735c29cf50f lq
main qimg e798e8e480a6eed8a6b9a0dfbb774e16
main qimg 9bbca547fe209c819588c93acf52b615 lq

As you can see here, all of these are the resources collected from Telegram, and you can study from these free resources and also be able to pull off good results. Moreover, It is satisfying, and was able to develop an understanding of the subjects. Every video you studied is in Notion. Just have to go to the section, for example, anatomy or search it up, and click on the topic you want to revise. That’s it.

main qimg d09c23d50dcfe7aefa662d3a21f6934d lq
main qimg 041a1a6a694d5012d668c5dfe0075d70 1

D. Notion is Searchable

main qimg ce36533394aa68d7ebf3763d082308df lq

Take the example above, here If you wanted to know about Fragile X Syndrome and so searched it up, it showed the results immediately. you can access it from any device, anywhere, anytime, but of course, it needs the internet. you will find it very useful and use it in combination with any device. Saves a lot of my time.

It works as the digital notion library you created, it took time, and intend to use it to its full extent. All the resources collected are from telegram.

Lastly, we would like to say that you can also store information in folders on your pc/laptop, but It won’t be as beautiful as this, you won’t be able to access it from everywhere.

Hope we are able to show you how you can use notion as a student. Especially as a medical student and engineering student.

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