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Iphone 14 | What’s new in iPhone 14?

There are many news going on about the iPhone 14. Many case companies have revealed how it will be looked at when iPhone 14 will be released. There are many massive changes like a notch design, Titanium panels sides, A-15 and A -16 bionic chip, 48-megapixel camera, a new camera system with 2 TB storage, and more.

In this upcoming iPhone, there are specifications and cad drawings case which companies and so forth that have access to the schematics have access to the dimension in many cases can build one to one replicas of the upcoming phone before the upcoming phone even exists that is the surprise that I have in this article here today.

In this article here today there is a super high quality very expensive mockup of the upcoming iPhone 14 giving us our best look at a physical representation of the iPhone 14 you can actually hold that will eventually be the phone of apple’s future coming up very shortly we have the lineup of iPhone 13.

What’s new in iPhone 14?


It is a trend that iPhone 14 will look the same as the iPhone 13 but the main difference between iPhone 14 will be in the chip. iPhones are mainly renowned for their chip A-series and their processing work.

iphone-14 chip

For this year’s iPhone Apple is planning to work on an A-16 and A-15 bionic chip which will be based on a 5 nanometre, 5 times faster than the previous one. It’s an advanced version of a previous A-14 bionic chip for the non-pro model.

Also from the rumors that the Max model will have the A-16 bionic cheap which will be based on 4 nanometers


Front Camera

We are expecting to see on this model a new front-facing camera setup which is not quite a notch this is the render which been seeing with that they are calling the pill in punch hole, It’s gonna make the display seem bigger a bigger screen to body ratio plus apparently the bezel is gonna shrink just a bitter ratio and the other thing with this front-facing cameras they are supposed to be improved with a larger aperture you are gonna get more light coming in on those front-facing cameras.

48-megapixel rear camera

It is been a rumor that the iPhone 14 pro and Promax will have a 48-megapixel camera which gonna be quite impressive and surprising for iPhone lovers and users. First time Apple company jump their camera set from 12 megapixels to 48 megapixels. It will be quite a next level if the company will put out the 48-megapixel camera on a real iPhone. The quality of the photo will get more enhanced in capture slightly better than the previous one.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

The rear camera gonna be slightly bigger than the before generation and the camera will have more quality and a more upgraded version than the before generation. How much bigger that camera unit it’s going to be as a whole when you’re looking at each individual lens setup and the whole thing dips down quite a bit further and takes up a larger space at least the square which houses this variety of lenses we are working with 16.17 mm compare 15.51 it seems like a very small difference but for a camera unit especially 3 times its a kindly of substantial it’s already monster camera unit but even bigger.

iPhone 14 Charger:-

It is also a rumor that the iPhone 14 will have the type C charger cable leaving behind the lightning charger which it is been using since the launch of the iPhone, many countries and many companies are forcing the iPhone to change the lighting cable to a type-c cable let’s see the apple company will change it or not?

iPhone 14 charge cable


iPhone has 128 GB storage, 512 GB storage, and one TB storage in the previous model but in the new iPhone 14. iPhone is planning to expand it up to 2 TB storage it will be quite impressive if the company will do so.

Volume button and sim-tray:-

All the volume bottom and the SIM card tray will be exactly like the iPhone 13 it is seen that the size of the iPhone 14 will be similar to the iPhone 13.

Front screen:-

iPhone has the best screen than the Android phone the main problem with the iPhone was the notch, which make it so bulky and the notch was too massive that the screen can’t be seen bigger.

iPhone 14 front look

so, this time iPhone is planning to have the pill-shaped punch pole type of notch for the front screen which helps the screen to seem edge to edge. Here iPhone has described that the pill will be used for the face reader and the hole will for the camera.


Due to chip shortage problems all over the world, due to the panoramic, there is a problem with the supply chain, so it will be hard for Apple to launch the new iPhone in the market. Seeing this problem apple will arise its pricing slightly more than the previous iPhone series. We’re hoping that Apple will increment their price from $100 to the previous one.


1. Satellite communication:-

Here iPhone is telling that it will bring satellite communication for better communication the non-interruption in communication but it will not be available in every region due to the law and regulations of the country’s problems. Earth satellite will be the main source of communication so in any reason, you can communicate with each other, just like in the forest areas or the mountain region there is a network problem so the satellite communication will be the best alternatives for communicating

2. Car crash detection:-

Adding new things the iPhone is bringing the new software about car crash detection, it will be in your Apple Watch which will be linked with your apple car and iPhone.Apple always considers health and privacy as highly matter things so they’re bringing new things which help for your life-saving.

The leak of iPhone 14

Whenever the new iPhone arrives or the news of the new iPhone series arrives the excitement of the people for the new iPhone gets hype so people try to find out what’s new in the new iPhone. iPhone tries to work in private and try to hide as much as it can to bring that excitement to the people.

leak iPhone 14 photo

The glass panel of iPhone series of iPhone 14 Promax, iPhone 14 Max iPhone 14 pro, and iPhone 14 have been leaked by the glass company and the many back covers are also been leaked by the cover companies.

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